Breaking news EXCLUSIVE from Mexico and New York City. Jude and Sienna are back together. It started about a month ago, shortly after she was spotted in Toronto with Hayden Christensen, my sources report that Sienna went back to the UK and made contact with Jude. They agreed to start talking. The conversation landed them in Tulum, Mexico where they alternated between passionate public kissing and stormy silences. At least on the beach. Inside the lodgings, a different chemistry was taking place. Physical and otherwise. Word is their makeup sex was the stuff of legend. Not quite the African jungle rock the Pitts had goin" on last year but a close second. And you thought the Brits were staid? Fast forward to this weekend, Jude and Sienna are both in NYC, still working their sh*t out. Things are touch and go and uncertain at best but ironically enough, I hear it"s Jude who is reticent about plunging back in for good. Said it before and I"ll say it again, this girl is a f&ckin" trainwreck, and Sienna"s kind of baggage isn"t exactly professional midas, you know what I mean? Still… never underestimate the wiles of a practised nymph. Especially on someone like Jude who, as we all know, has quite the raging libido. So consider yourself warned gossips. Jude and Sienna Round Three. You ready for it?