Can"t help it…automatic reaction when I see her wearing metal is to think of Troy. And when I think of Troy, I think of Orly"s wimpy whine and Brad Pitt"s bad acting and the overall sh*tness of that cinematic wasteland and then I wish I could get those 2 hours back - 2 hours of my life I should have spent sleeping or eating… anything but pissing it away on Troy. But I digress. Diane Kruger at the NYC premiere of All the King"s Men. Lovely woman, very polite, met her at TIFF, prettier in person, younger looking too, fantastic chemistry with Joshua Jackson, they arrived separately, in different cars but you could still feel them buzzing between each other, don"t like the army plate on her body, definitely like the slouchy boots on her feet, though I"d love them more in black suede… you? Photo source