Is it weird that Brad Pitt and Katie Holmes share a birthday? He’s 43, she’s 28 today, both with a new babies to go along with her new lives but in Katie’s case, only after having purged everything about her old one: her religion, her entire identity, and quite possibly all of her friends…including Joshua Jackson. 

During promo for Bobby last month, Joshua actually talked about Katie on the radio with a DJ called Buckhead, making specific reference that he hadn’t spoken to her in about 18 months and of course we all know that 18 months ago is exactly when the invasion began. As always, Josh was all class during the interview, refusing to be led into a Tom-bashing discussion, reiterating that they were once close, that he still cares for her as a friend. 

Buckhead: So, do you still keep in touch with her? 

JJ: No. I haven"t heard from her in a long time now, eighteen months. 

Buckhead: You think if you"d call, she"d take the call from you? 

JJ: I would guess no but I haven"t tried. 

Buckhead: Are you kidding me, you think she wouldn"t? You kissed the woman! 

JJ: You know, she's obviously moved off into a different part of her life, so I somehow doubt she's sitting around waiting for my call. I'd like to believe that, but I just don't think it's the case. 

(scientology/alien references)… 

JJ: Well, you know, as easy as it is to make jokes about this, at the center of it is a woman that was once a very close friend of mine, so it's difficult for me to find the humor in this. But no, I don't mean extraterrestrial, I mean the married and baby portion. 

He’s sweet non? As is this photo – on the occasion of her birthday, a trip down Dawson Memory Lane, before the fraud, before the couch, before the morphous bump, and the mystery baby, before we were all given a front row seat to the wedding, this was Katie Holmes with her friend Joshua Jackson. Sigh. Sadness. Scientology. Source