Like his friend, always up for consideration year after year. Arguments for: 1. Dominated gossip discussion for the better part of 18 months 2. New role as a doting father and philanthropist has endeared him to many new fans 3. Professional success including Oscar buzz for Babel and production kudos for The Departed underscore his overall clout 4. He is father to The Chosen One, a celebrity baby for the ages, the most talked about People Magazine cover in a long, long time - they owe him. Arguments against: 1. The MiniVan Majority - still seething over their worst nightmare come true. 2. Overexposure 3. Like George, he really doesn"t need it and I"m not sure People isn"t quite ready to make the unprecedented move of giving him THREE banners when his closest peer only has one and a half (Richard Gere) Odds: 25 to 1