He"ll always be a contender…like a fine wine, right? Arguments for: 1. Reigning Oscar winner, the most charming man in Hollywood, everyone loves him, everyone wants to know him, and he calls his own shots. That, my fellow gossips, is called power. 2. Umm…he"s George. Aesthetic rationale not required. Fame rationale not required either. 3. Brad Pitt has 2 of them. It"s only fitting George has 2 as well. 4. The Good German drops December 8th and George is building buzz for his next vehicle…never, ever count out the campaign. Arguments against: 1. He just might f&ck with us and turn it down. Doesn"t George strike you as the kind of guy who would take a "been there, done that" approach to such things? He does to me. And if he did accept it, he"d only do it to rub it in someone else"s face anyway… part of his ongoing practical joke. Odds: 4 to 1 Probably McDreamy"s stiffest competition if you"re going to play favourites, but never forget…George is the Original, Patrick is the Clone.