Thank Goddess for you smutters in France. But before we get into this EXCLUSIVE sighting, let’s backtrack a little and address all those rumours. As you know, the Pitts haven’t been photographed together in over a week, prompting rags on both sides of the Atlantic to proclaim an imminent split. The British tabloids are the latest to jump on the breakup wagon reporting that Brad is fed up with Angelina"s demanding behaviour, that things are tense, that they are arguing, that she is kicking his ass…blah blah blah. Amateur gossip, y"all. I’m telling you – all leaks to these two have been sealed. And as much as I love the English dailies, they’d be the last to dig up any reliable goods on the Family Pitt, you know what I mean? However, I do understand some of the concerns coming out of “Brangelina-land”. Angie has barely cracked a smile and Brad looks morose and haggard at best. But apparently that’s just the face they put on when cameras are attacking. Because according to 2 French readers out there who saw them today/yesterday (I never understand the time difference) the hottest couple alive is still alive. And holding hands. Stephanie L and Therese B were both in Paris and saw Mr & Mrs Smith at the Georges Pompidou Center hands clasped. According to Therese, Angelina was laughing about something and at one point when there was a little more foot traffic, Brad walked ahead of her, still clutching her hand, as if to block her from any intrusion. “They seemed very comfortable together and I didn’t see any photographers either so maybe that’s what they were relaxed but his skin is dry and she is even more gorgeous in person but thin and both not as tall as I thought. Not short but not tall.” Obviously not the same story the rags want you to believe but hey – scandal and split is always way more interesting than a boring couple bringing up babies and holding hands, just like the rest of us. In this case however, there really is no need to panic (or rejoice, depending on your flavour) about the status of the Pitts. They are together. They are happy. And as I was the first to report several months ago, they will likely be having their kid in Africa. Stay tuned y’all. And again... beware of amateur gossip. Photos from JustJared.