A few weeks ago, I reported exclusively on a tip from local sources that the Pitts had apparently acquired a property in New Orleans and that it was undergoing renovation. Fresh scoop again from Louisiana that the First Family of Hollywood is considering a move there, perhaps for a year, and that they’ve actually sent along a few assistants to look into schools for Maddox and Zahara. St Geoge’s Episcopal School for K-8 is rumoured to have been interviewed along with a French immersion option, possibly at the Montessori. As you know, Brad has been shooting there for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and of course he’s been actively involved in the eco-friendly housing initiative in the Lower Ninth Ward. At this point, I’m told no final decisions have been made – flexibility is, obviously, a concern, especially given the Family’s penchant for incessant travel and of course bringing the worldwide press for maximum media milkage on their incessant travels. Will keep you posted. Am also attaching for your viewing (dis)pleasure this painting created by artist Kate Kretz…something about our society’s fixation on celebrity culture and consumerism, with Angelina representing “the unattainable” standards of Hollywood, contributing to the ever widening gulf between social classes, and how this is disparity is reflected at every Walmart across the continent…I think. To be honest though, I’m not sure how effective it is to perpetuate the stereotype that only old or overweight women shop there when, from what I’ve seen anyway, it’s the MiniVan Majority that’s been the cornerstone to big box retail success and domination. But hey – I’m just a dirty fickle gossip, what the hell do I know?