Always. For 2 years these three have sold out newsstands and as much as people claim they don’t care, they clearly still care. Smart Janice Min - anything to get the MiniVan Majority riled up behind their pity poster girl, and this week is more of the same. Janice obviously still has it hard up for the Pitts and coupled with the fact that People Magazine will be workin’ in Brad and Angelina’s favour in Cannes, the folks at Us Weekly, on the heels of their story last week about other tabloids always getting it wrong when it comes to the Pitts, are putting a top seller out this week: the Triangle forever.

In a brilliant twist from Angelina’s Readers’ Digest interview, during which she revealed that the Chosen One was not an accident, Us Weekly extrapolates that the pregnancy was therefore deliberately timed as a slap in the face for Aniston. However, conflicting sources from Jen’s camp offer two different takes on how she’s faring. One explains:

“Jen considered herself divorced when she and Brad were separated and couldn’t care less what happened after that. Jen is not angry over the new revelation and thinks Shiloh is a cute baby.”

Another insider disagrees, claiming that Jennifer hasn’t had contact with Brad in ages and that:

“Brad and Angelina are totally a joke to her.”

Needless to say, all this will likely prompt a new round of attack and defence of “Brangelina” who will be in Cannes on May 21st for A Mighty Heart and May 24th for Oceans 13. I’m most excited to – fingers crossed – see Maddox…is that wrong? It"s a little wrong...