It would certainly be delicious, wouldn"t it? Especially since he trashed Brad Pitt two weeks ago for leaving Jennifer Aniston. So here"s the story. There"s a rumour that is spreading like wildfire across the internet that Michael Douglas is having a torrid affair with Laura Elena Harring, star of Mulholland Drive and currently on The Shield. The rumour originated on Datalounge (not exactly reliable in the first place) without substantiation but it quickly appeared on every celebrity blog and forum on both sides of the Atlantic. The problem is - no legitimate source has been able to confirm or corroborate the lead. Not even a whisper. The only thing we do know is that they were both at the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year. Now I know this is Hollywood and I know anything can happen, but being in the same city at the same time does not constitute extramarital relations. I"ll keep digging but I"ve made a lot of phone calls and sent a lot of text message this weekend. And for what it"s worth, none of my sources believes this is legit.