It"s been a month since the last wedding report so I suppose it"s about time, right? Clooney"s place in Italy is the rumoured location for Saturday and while there seems to be some activity going on at the Como estate right now, no local vendors (at least none that are talking) have been contacted for any preparations, no hotels have been booked, and no one famous has arrived...yet. When asked for comment, George"s publicist would only say "rumours are rumours" and Brad"s rep declined to parficipate. Meanwhile, the happy family were spotted at the airport in Nice yesterday, destination unknown. (Check out Maddox"s jacket. That kid kills me!) Anyway, as I said before, since they jetted over to Europe, I"ve had little to no reliable gossip about the Pitts. All I can tell you is that my US based sources "think" it"s highly unlikely for them to wed at Clooney"s, especially since people have been watching the place like a hawk. Regardless, we will find out soon enough. Oh and did I mention Jennifer Aniston"s Vogue issue hits newsstands this week? Cue raised eyebrow here.