In India, giving Madd and Z some quality parenting time, the perfect Pitts on promenade on the streets of Mumbai withOUT a 10 member swat team in full attack mode. Sure, they have security and of course, they would have to given the sheer numbers they’re walking through to say nothing of protecting the children and still, you will note that their team is not cloaked in combat gear ready for battle….unlike Jennifer Aniston who arrived at LAX with what looked like her own Secret Service detail. But she’s so regular and low key, right? Anyway, as you can see, little Zahara is chubbin’ out quite nicely and Maddox’s Asian gangsta hair is ummm ready for a cut. More importantly though – those bimonthly break up reports? Please. Brad Pitt is pimping for an Oscar this season. The Pitts are on campaign now, haven’t you heard? Photos from X17 and Source