Jennifer Aniston arriving at LAX – she looks great, non? Fresh, natural makeup, cute hat, beautiful coat, happy relaxed smile after a few days with Vince in London, reunited after breaking up after not dating in the first place, all around the time of The Break Up DVD release …and wait, woah, woah, woah – check out the pappies!!! Not just one, not two, but an entire village tipped off to her return home. Damn…wonder how they knew? But Reese and Ryan are in the news now. And Brad Pitt is a house-building humanitarian. And THAT is fantastic news for Jen because she’s so anti-publicity, right? She’s happy to live in obscurity, to not be hounded, to not be followed, to have a *private life*, right? So it’s just a coincidence that SO MANY photographers knew when she was landing…right? Just asking… Source