If you missed yesterday’s column, click here for the Family photos – the hills are alive with the travelling Pitts. Oh joy! Here’s Brad at a press conference today to discuss the New Orleans housing initiative he has championed in support of Global Green to design affordable and “environmentally sound” homes in the Ninth Ward. Apparently the Today Show’s Ann Curry also sat down with him for yet another interview, clearly cementing her status as the Family’s preferred journalist, with the hot piece of gay ass known as Anderson Cooper running a close second. But enough about the hot piece of gay ass known as Anderson Cooper. Time for our Family Pitt weekly rumour recap. Life & Style keeps blasting that a break up is imminent, because Jennifer Aniston said so, something they’ll keep doing every few days for the next 5 years until it happens at which point they’ll say – we told you first! Star on the other hand is saying that the Chosen One #2 is on its way – Angie pregnant! And Us Weekly is saying everything is happier than ever with sanctioned, likely pre-approved quotes from friends and colleagues. So what’s the real story, morning glory? Hmmm…tough one (note sarcasm). Especially since on the same cover this week, Life & Style is also reporting that Jennifer Lopez is pregnant – clearly total rubbish after tonight at the VMAs. Star Weekly also has a habit of declaring baby when no baby is possible – think Jessica and Nick on the same week they announced the divorce. In other words…two sh*tty track records. Which is why I’m inclined to go with Janice Min on this one, even if the whole thing was spoonfed to her by Daddy Brad and his media manipulators. Photos from JJB