The grande dame – not content to be lumped in with the emaciated likes of the Z0e crowd 10 years her junior - has given them her dismissal, choosing instead to wax philosophical about the perils of celebrity and success. Don’t you hate it when people grow up and get all mature and wise? No seriously…don’t you? Jennifer Lopez, named Best Dressed by Harper’s Bazaar, beautiful photos from their latest issue, at least they can tell the difference between a coma-inducing black dress and a girl who really knows how to turn it on again and again and again. Anyway, in the article, when asked about the young style elite like Nicole Richie and Keira and Scarlett, La Diva offers the following: "I don"t spend much time thinking about "those girls" . . . Fame is very intoxicating. You don"t realize what you"re doing when you"re young." How positively Gwyneth of her, non? Had to laugh at the “those girls” reference…reminds me of my Gwynnie’s infamous description of Jennifer Aniston after she started dated Brad Pitt as “that tv girl”. Et tu, J Lo? Source and Source