It"s no secret that People Magazine has been the end all and be all source for everything Pitt - officially sanctioned, of course. Not only because they have the deep pockets to pay for stories but because they have been willing, unlike so many other rags, to position Angelina as a saint instead of a homewrecking slut. And Brad as an altruistic, deeply feeling, committed parent instead of a middle aged horny bugger. Love People Magazine!!! So anyway, it should come as no surprise that when the Pitts want to control the rumours, they go straight to People. In a short online article, the couple revealed, among other things, that Angie is not signed for TR3, they are not planning a water birth, and that her mother is not dying. Now that"s what they *want* you to know. But how about what they don"t want you to know? And what"s going on behind the scenes? Been workin" on this story for a week now from very, very solid sources. Here goes… Question #1: Why wasn"t Jennifer Aniston mentioned in People"s List of 100 Most Beautiful People. It is, after all, a popularity contest, non? And aren"t we constantly being "told" how JenJen is America"s Sweetheart??? Well, despite the significant Aniston backlash sweeping the box office, her exclusion had nothing to do with her but everything to do with winning the baby sweepstakes. Rumour has it, People shareholders and execs at the top have mandated an "anything goes" approach to securing the first photos of Spawngelina Pitt. Word is, a $5 million donation to Unicef isn"t out of the question either, considering they could make that back and more if the cover becomes their all time best selling. In support of the campaign to woo Brad and Angie, I"m told People staffers have been asked to "go light" on any Jennifer/Vince coverage, including potential ad space for The Break Up. Let"s be clear though - this is NOT a condition imposed by Camp Pitt but rather an alleged ass kissy offering from the magazine to prove their loyalty. Question #2: How are Universal (the studio behind The Break Up) and Jen and Vince dealing? Needless to say, I hear they"re not happy. But then again, the clever folks at People are supposedly not above playing 2 headed snake. According to my sources, they wouldn"t say no to landing the first Jennifer/Vince cover either and if that"s the case, they would risk the baby pic only if Aniston waxes honest about her new love. In the grand scheme of things, no one thinks this is likely. And given the public"s fading appetite for all things Jen, it looks like People will end up spending most of their energies securing the offspring. And you still think things happen by accident in Hollywood???