Got your attention?

Both Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp were sighted yesterday in Venice. Johnny was with the entire family – Vanessa Paradis and their children, they visited the Guggenheim Museum. Unlike the Brange kids, J & V have been mostly successful in keeping their children undercover even though they’ve been with him throughout the duration of almost the entire shoot. Johnny and Sandy, right? Johnny and Sandy, they do.

The presence of Vanessa, Lily Rose, and Jack of course is giving the tabloids major stress. Because of course it means that Angelina isn’t f-cking him. Unless she f-cked him on a rowboat, in between takes, while sucking the blood out of his elbow or some freaky sh-t. The Jolie is the ultimate modern day Witch. They will believe anything about her.

As for Brad, he flew in by private jet. Apparently was in London and France on a short haul on business before returning to rejoin his brood. Everyone is still hoping, even though the possibility is remote at best, that Brad will be back at Cannes with Tree of Life as a late entry. Slim chances. Am crushed. No Pitt Porn at the festival this year.

Check it – never mind about the beard, he doesn’t give a sh-t what you think of the beard, but he’s wearing the sh-t out of his clothes. Goddamn.

Photos from Ramey