How the Pitts gush

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 13, 2006 12:00:00 December 13, 2006 12:00:00
Angelina Jolie gets cheesy…who would have thought? But if there was ever a week to show a “softer” side, this would be it. Because tattoos and airplanes won’t win over the MiniVan Majority and there’s nothing like a cheesy, gushy, public proclamation of love to chip away at the MiniVan insecurity complex little by little. Here’s what Angelina told Cindy Adams the other night at the Good Shepherd premiere when asked about a good luck charm: "Luck? I don"t need to do anything to get luck. I already have luck. I brought my luck along tonight, and he"s sitting right with me." Definitely hardcore Rossum but also rather amusing watching Angie defer to man – yet another example that her Oscar wasn’t a fluke. A few more cute details coming out of the Vogue article including the anecdote about Taco Bell. She says that when they want to get away, she and Brad will hop on their bikes and go for long rides, stopping at fast food joints along the way. She also hinted to Larry King (the interview airs Monday) that they could scale back their Hollywood involvement as the children get older to let them get through their teens hopefully free from the glare of the oppressive Hollywood spotlight. And of course Pitt seduction continues with 20/20 on Friday – Angelina with Damon and DeNiro, very smiley, very relaxed, leading up to what promises to be an even crazier frenzy at the Los Angeles premiere. Will they repeat their red carpet affection with Jen and her friends just blocks away? Can’t frickin’ wait. PS. Did you hear a bit of a sneer in Barbara"s voice last night when she was talking about Brad, Angelina, and the Girl Next Door? Sounds like someone is pissed about the Pitt loyalty to Diane Sawyer...

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