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Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 5, 2006 12:00:00 October 5, 2006 12:00:00
You don"t have to be Canadian to appreciate this, especially the tale about when he met Angelina Jolie. But if you ARE Canadian, you need no introduction to George Stroumboulopoulos. And if you"re American, you wouldn"t have needed an invitation if ABC had avoided doing a piss poor job of promoting its rival to American Idol. The One was cancelled after 5 minutes. The Hour is George"s first lady - 60 minutes of rapid fire news, pop culture, and the unexplainable delivered every night in my country and sadly nowhere else. The season premiere is on Monday, October 9th with a new time slot and a new location and a new live audience - CBC the main network at 11pm. So George used to be a VJ, *the* VJ, on MuchMusic, still regarded as the all time best VJ on any music station, like, ever. Just ask Bono. Fact not fiction: They were doing an interview, George spent 25 minutes with the guy, after which Bono was so impressed he wrote a letter to MTV imploring them to bring him over. Like the other George, this George is cool. And now this George does news, news that is going up against Letterman and Leno and Jon Stewart in Canada. Daunting, yes. Which is why I asked him: why should I watch you instead of anyone else? What do you want out of late night? "Because Canadians love conversation. And I"m not interested in being Celion Dion. I"d much rather aspire to be Radiohead." For all of you who"ve emailed me asking me for more details…yes, George is sexy. George is also really smart. And he"s a close talker. And he talks a lot. And he talks a lot about his mother, he describes her as a "single mother" and every other anecdote involves something she taught him. Corny but also charming which sums up his appeal. Canadian chicks dig George. Funny that, non? Funny how women can often see past the conventional and still find the uncoventional sexy while a woman who is not the conventional but has a great "personality" often doesn"t get the guy. Why is that? Sorry I digress. And I also have strayed away from smut. But since George"s show will also cover entertainment and since he"s seen so much of it in his travels, I had to get the gossip. What"s the most pathetic display of spoiled celebrity behaviour you"ve seen: (he wouldn"t tell me who and since it was a "fat day", I didn"t feel like taking off my jacket.) It was a major star. A huge star screaming for water and when they brought the bottle, this person couldn"t even be bothered to take the cap off themselves. Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?Angelina Jolie Will Hilary run for President? She will run for the Democratic Leadership and lose. Will Belinda Stronach & Tie Domi last? No. But I don"t get this sh*t. In Canada, we never talk about a politicians sex life. Sure, Belinda created this but is this the first time a politician has scored a boyfriend? Is this the first time a politician has cheated? Or slept with someone"s spouse? I don"t condone it but at the same time, you have to wonder if it would have been such a big deal if she wasn"t a woman, a rich powerful woman. What do you think of legalised injection sites: I support them as part of a larger plan to stem the tide. Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton? A tie. I love them both. Paris is doing at an excellent job at her job. And she"s a great driver. I was in LA, I saw her driving so fast with a lot of skill, I was surprised man. And Lindsay Lohan is going to have the comeback of all comebacks. On Hilary Duff: I don"t like her music but I"m telling you - she"s a great actress. No seriously, I watched an episode of that Disney show she did - she"s more talented as an actor. Is Tom Cruise crazy? I"m going to quote someone else to answer this - "to be what Tom Cruise is, you have to get into a box and live there. It"s probably very lonely. (Lainey to George - it"s called a closet.) Will Pete Doherty die at 27? Pete will win! Thoughts on George Clooney? George is King. Brad Pitt, Matt Damon…they all evolved into men by being around him. Is the celebrity of "Brangelina" bringing light to the issues? Not them as a couple. But Angelina Jolie. Wow. I was in Darfur, you know the situation there, and Angelina walks in, no security, nothing. She"s hardcore man, she"s fearless. When she walks into a room, people write about it. Now that is cool. Anyway, I could go on but I won"t. Heads up Canada - George, The Hour, 11pm on Monday. Oh and PS - for all my gaygays…he"s definitely not a "mo. Sorry…

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