The first trailer for Brad Pitt’s upcoming baseball movie Moneyball dropped this week. Very Robert Redford. I was really impressed with Brad’s acting in Tree of Life. A lot. Here...I mean in parts of this trailer he’s good. In other parts, it’s not.

“We got to think differently.”

I’m not feeling that delivery.

But I do feel it during his scenes with Jonah Hill. And I do feel it overall, as one of those Little Ideas That Could movies. And with Bennett Miller (Capote) directing, there’s much promise indeed. So far, this preview has generated some very positive buzz. Which is exactly what a trailer is supposed to do. With a Fall release date too, well, this too might contend when the time comes.

Attached – Brad in Malta this week continuing to work on World War Z. As you know, I am really, really into this look. Check him out from the side. Tristan!



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