What can I say? First of all, he’s much younger in person than he is in photos. Thankfully, he’s also not little. You know how they’re always shorter in real life? Well, not in his case. By no means a giant but he’s probably just under 6 ft. Good enough for an average sized girl to wear heels and not feel like Nicole Kidman and the GMD. He’s also a true, bonafide STAR. As in twinkle twinkle. The man knows how to work it, he doesn’t come off as a regular person who just got famous, he comes off as Brad Pitt. The one and only. Yes, I am gushing. But trust me when I tell you, it’s absolutely not an exaggeration. The fans were screaming, a thousand cameras were going off, people were pushing and shoving each other on the line, trying to get the first interview, reporters were getting knocked down, it was so bright with the bulbs, there was almost a halo effect around his body. And through it all, he just sauntered up and down, cocky, confident, completely at ease, owning the whole show. I spoke to a woman later on who was standing right next to me, she worked at a major entertainment news outlet, and she was like – “I’ve been doing this for 10 years and I’ve never seen anyone have this kind of effect.” Anyway, after the gala, we were all expecting him to show up for Wyclef at the Premiere Lounge, possibly with Angelina. Everyone received the tip, everyone was waiting, Wyclef arrived, the crews were still on the carpet, even after Wyclef – the main feature of the party – went inside and started performing…but they didn’t come, not because it was bad information but probably because they knew they wouldn’t be able to get away from being mobbed. Still … Wyclef f*cking rocked. Crazy ass performer, even for a small audience. At one point, he climbed up on a table and hung from the rafters. Was electric. As for Angelina, we were hearing confirmation from random fan sightings that she is in Toronto. But no pappies – as of press time – have been able to catch her. However, Wyclef confirmed at one point on Sunday afternoon that he was on his way to meet Brad and Angie and the children’s choir, which just goes to show you – for the benefit of those doubters who still don’t believe that most of this Hollywood sh*t isn’t one huge setup – that if you don’t want to be seen, you really can manage to avoid being seen. Because if the world’s most hunted woman can slip in and out of Toronto during festival season, when everyone has descended on the city…anyone can slip in and out of anywhere any time. But while she might be present and accounted for, it doesn’t mean they’re heading out publicly either. Brad rolled in solo at the One x One charity event hosted by Matt Damon tonight, and since eTalk was the only media outlet in the world with inside access, you’ll have to tune into the show tomorrow or catch it internationally on broadband (click here in 12 hours) to see footage of him grooving to Wyclef. I’m told it’s pretty hot. Here’s Angelina at the Burbank Airport on Saturday, likely making her way to join her man. Now you know I worship this woman but the size of her teeny tiny thigh doesn’t really work for me. The luscious milk breasts do though. As does the trademark gorgessity. Maybe another 10 pounds, don’t you think? And finally…how about those comments Brad made in the recent issue of Esquire? "Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able.” Amen to that, y’all. And amen to his moving words about Maddox and Zahara: "They"re as much of my blood as any natural born, and I"m theirs. That"s all I can say about it. I can"t live without them.” Brad the father, Brad the gay rights champion, Brad the philanthropist, Brad the lover, Brad the Zen Master of All Media… yes, yes, yes. Absolutely. But when the game is this good, why not play along? Photos from JJB