Arguments for:
- he’s Brad Pitt
- the package: the looks, the glamour, the Jolie, the children, the jetset lifestyle, the philanthropy… it’s all there
- the Chosen One: the world is obsessed with his child
- the first solo two time winner, if there is ever going to be a first three time winner, he’d be a likely choice
- Jesse James tanked at the box office but won him a Venice Film Festival Best Actor award. If Brad wants to make a run at Oscar, this will certainly help build momentum. And it would rub off nicely on Angelina’s hopes too
- always eager to kiss some Pitt Family ass, People Magazine would gladly exchange super exclusives by bestowing him the honour.

Arguments against:
- People’s subscriber base is largely made up of MiniVan Majority members who still haven’t forgiven Brad for the divorce. Would the magazine risk their revolt?
- he has won twice already…do they need to give it to him a third time?
- the Pitts are constant tabloid targets and while the rumours are largely untrue, the SMA is usually squeaky clean

Odds: 7 to 1