Hi Lainey! Greetings from Nebraska. Definitely, you should kick Jakey the pout off the list and add....Eric Bana!! I know, I know. He"s too good to be real. But hey, after Munich makes it"s debut he"s going to be HOTTER than ever and he might even win an Oscar. Besides, who better to corrupt him than YOU, the Queen of degenerates!!! 

Dear Melanie: Can’t argue with you here. Eric’s Hector was the one bright spot in the otherwise atrocious Troy. I think I set a world record for gagging every time Brad Pitt opened his mouth and attempted an English accent. And don’t even get me started on that pretty boy weasel Orlando Bloom. Yup. Eric Bana is the man. And by all accounts, he is a normal, hardworking actor who doesn’t covet the spotlight, who doesn’t run with the wild Hollywood crowd, and who is surprisingly loyal to his woman. Which means he’s off limits. I know it’s hard to believe but I wouldn’t want our smut to soil his otherwise pure image…yet. Give it a year or two. Let fame do its work. Let the whores tempt and the vultures swirl. And when his defences are down and he’s ripe for the picking, when Hollywood’s irresistible vices come calling and he finally gives in, that’s when the Freebie 5 will welcome him with open legs.