And THE Ladies" Man. And THE Gay"s Man. But today, George is THE Man"s Man. Forget the pansy haired McDreamy, forget the Three Whiskers of Bloom, forget even Brad Pitt and Jake Gyllenhall. According to men, George is THE MAN, ranked #1 in a survey of real men, average men asked by to name the "best representatives" of their gender, a million votes were cast and one George emerged. Naturally, since he"s already on Freebie Five, in spite of a recent height controversy, I fully approve. And while I"m sticking with my Damon prediction, I"d also fully approve if People Magazine crowned George the Sexiest Man Alive again this year but we all know they"re prostrate at the feet of the MiniVan Majority who will likely go to war over a Dempsey Denial - weak, weak, weak. Number 2 if you"re curious is Jay Z. Great choice guys…though Number 3 sucks ass. Richard Branson??? Richard Branson over Lance Armstrong? Maybe it"s because I don"t have a penis - can"t wrap my head, or legs for that matter, around that one. To see the full list, click here and to admire more of George Clooney, check out the latest One ad campaign via TMZ. Loin.Quiveration.Period.