From Blaine N: on Brad and his ladies I do need to point out to you the overwhelming evidence that Brad Pitt has a very strong predeliction towards physically morphing into his significant others. Let"s go back, starting with Gwyn: matching straw-blonde hair, at points they even had the same hair cut, waifish physique, pale. Jen Aniston: matching golden blonde, more muscular, wavy long hair at points, golden/tan. Angelina: dark hair (way past filming of jesse james), pale...then the plane flying, goodwill stuff, exotic "acquired" children.I dunno, I feel like brad has a personality problem (like it doesn"texist) so he just becomes who he is in love with...very weird...but the pics don"t lie...even with juliette lewis and robin givens...its like the roving identity of mr. pitt. Dear Blaine, First of all, I love your name. I have loved it since Pretty in Pink with Andrew McCarthy and his adorable white suite/pale shirt combination. Don"t you miss the 80s??? Anyway, about Brad. Yes, I"ve seen the recent tabloid photos, attached here courtesy of Catherine K (thank you darling!). I have no idea why he does this but I hesitate to believe that he has a non existent personality. From everything that I"ve heard, he has more personality quirks than you can imagine. My only guess, as cheesy as this sounds, is that the man is in love with love. Every time he falls for a woman he FALLS HARD. And it"s not just his looks, it"s also his outward profession of love. With Gwyneth at the Globes, with Gwyneth everywhere, with Jen and his "Jen" necklace, holding her purse backstage at the Emmys, decorating her dressing room with roses that spelled out "I Love My Wife". I think he"s just really into large scale, overt expressions of his passion and naturally this extends to his physical appearance. Is it creepy? Ummm…maybe a little. But let"s not kid ourselves. A lot of chicks dig this kind of stuff. And if it were happening to you at the hands of Brad Pitt, you wouldn’t be able to resist either.