In case you haven’t heard, Courteney Cox has something to sell. It’s a tv show called Dirt, satirising the underbelly of tabloid journalism – she is the star and executive producer. I saw the pilot, definitely has potential, and super raunch in parts – a nice change from the sugar she’s best known for, certainly has a shot at success…especially since she is workin’ it all angles. Didn’t know she was such an accomplished player, but then again, given that she’s been able to so deftly hide her bitch for so many years, it probably shouldn’t come as such a surprise. You see, Courteney is what my people like to call a Two Headed Snake – milking her friendship with Jennifer Aniston to guest star for ratings on one side, making nice with Brad Pitt, one of the most powerful players in the business on the other. Impressive, don’t you think? At the Globes the other night, Brad was smoking on a balcony, Courteney and David approached him and they exchanged a hug, as Brad said to her graciously: “Hello, sweetheart. It is SO great to see you.” They apparently chatted for a few minutes about their children as Angelina stood a few steps away… And the motivation? How about a future collaboration? After all, Pitt and Plan B have had the Midas Touch and please don’t tell me Courteney Cox doesn’t know it. Courteney Cox, clever and opportunistic, much to the chagrin of rabid Jennifer Aniston fans and members of the MiniVan Majority who are now branding CC a traitor for becoming friends with the man who “supposedly” cheated on her best friend. And that really is what it comes down to isn’t it? Two options: If she’s such a good friend, if she really is the strong shoulder for Jen, why initiate contact with the scoundrel? But. Given that she DID initiate contact with the scoundrel…does that mean she’s a sell out or does that mean Brad didn’t cheat? YOU decide. Us Weekly