Brad has been a fan of Radiohead for a long, long time. Remember at the wedding? He arranged for Radiohead to be playing while fireworks lit up the sky.

I remember thinking at the time, much as I love Radiohead too, that it’s not exactly celebratory music. Like can you imagine your guests getting down to Paranoid Android? Perhaps it was a bad omen even then.

Now the marriage might be over but Brad’s appreciation for Thom Yorke’s mysterious lyrics lives on. He dashed away to Milan to join Ed Norton and Mariane Pearl at the Radiohead concert (photos attached) and then supposedly spent the night at Como with George Clooney before returning to France to be with the Jolie who has yet to birth the Wonder Twins. It’s been a month since she was last photographed.

A reader emailed me last week about some astrological readings that indicate today might be the day. June 20th. I say, again, just watch Gwen Stefani.

PS. In all fairness re: Radiohead and romance, True Love Waits is “our” song.

Thanks R for the photos!