Not exactly candids but these are too frickin" cute - Brad, Madd, Angie, and Z on the beach in Namibia for Hello magazine. As you would expect, the article focuses mainly on humanitarian work but who needs to read when you can feast your eyes on the new Hollywood royal family? LOVE the one of Zahara on Daddy"s shoulders. LOVE the one where she"s trying out her walking feet between Ma and Pa. And of course I LOVE that bad ass Madd is clearly enamored with his father - you can"t see it but you just know he"s grinning. There"s some poetry to this, you know. Because exactly a year ago right now, the Brad and Angie romance was exposed to the whole wide world on African sand. Twelve months later, they"re parents, they"re pregnant, and their family photo shoot is being received a helluva lot differently than the infamous W Magazine layout that made JenJen cry cry. So if she was feeling blue back then, can you imagine how many ciggies she"s sucking back today? As the world eagerly eats up every morsel of anything "Brangelina", poor Aniston must be swallowing some bitter pills indeed. So bitter that the latest piece of gossip floating around her toxic film career is that she"s trying to quit smoking so that she can star in a musical. But while several entertainment outlets have picked up the story as legitimate news, I"m hearing it actually just started out as a joke. Apparently she made an offhand comment to someone that landed in an online forum and it started spreading from there. Besides, according to my sources - "she"s WAY too insecure to do a musical, are you kidding?" Translation: Jennifer Aniston does not have the lack of inhibition required to truly extend herself in a challenging role. Never mind voice lessons - the woman can barely stand to look somewhat unattractive on camera. You really think she can hold a candle to Renee Zellweger? Pul-ease. No, gossips...Breathe a sigh of relief. Jennypoo won"t be singing. She may, however, be moving to Chicago…if you believe Ted Casablanca. That"s where Vince is from, right? Ahhhh yes. Totally makes sense now. As Volkwagen would say: on the road of life, there are passengers, and there are drivers. Which one is Jen? Photos from Simply Brad