Every year Newsweek puts 6 of them in a room and turns on the video. They interview each other, they discuss their “craft”, they squirm, they show off, they hide, they joke… it’s fascinating. Especially with the current crop: Frank Langella, Brad Pitt, Mickey Rourke, Sally Hawkins, Robert Downey Jr, and Anne Hathaway.

The article is a good read but to really get a taste of the energy from these actors bouncing off of each other, it’s best to watch the videos straight through. Just under an hour if you have the time and totally worth it if only to observe that obviously, these actors, all actors, are narcissistic bitches. They live inside their own asses. It’s mesmerising.

Like this.

Frank Langella: Acting isn’t about escaping, it’s about running towards yourself.


How amazing is that sh-t? I love the way Sally Hawkins, the quietest of the lot, suffers through with the rest of us in disbelief, not disrespecting, but also extremely amused by the display of self indulgence unfolding before her.

And let me know if you feel the same about Anne Hathaway. Because I tried. I tried not to be annoyed. I want to like her so badly. But she … she’s annoying. And it could totally be her youth, overcompensating for the privilege of being included in such a group that she says more than she should. But the google thing… denying it then admitting it? Ugh. Please. Please let it be Kate or Meryl. Please.

As for Brad Pitt, if you are a fan, you will love. He radiates sexy manvibes. They buzz around the room. Oozes confidence. No. Wrong. Oozes arrogance. But not in a Pipsqueakle way. He is very still, very measured, extremely controlled, extremely guarded. Brad Pitt is never spontaneous. Brad Pitt doesn’t slip. And it’s an insightful glimpse into a person they say can be cold and calculating. I don’t doubt it. But for all those ridiculous reports that this is a man at the mercy of the Jolie’s every whim… not a chance. Maybe, as improbable as it sounds, it’s the other way around. He’s not that good of an actor.

And finally about RDJ – many of you emailed after the Globes noting his frenzied behaviour, speculating whether or not he’s in trouble again.

Cynical bitch that I am, I’m also one of the few people who believes that Lance Armstrong did not use steroids. He’s a douchebag with women for sure but, and you can call it naïve, I choose to believe he won clean. And I choose to believe it because, as hokey as it is, I want to believe that those miracles are possible. That someone like Lance Armstrong can exist.

Same goes for RDJ. Watch the video, you’ll see he’s pretty enthusiastic every time he opens his mouth. From what I understand, he’s amped like this all the time. Like he’s emerged from the fog of 2 decades of addiction and is trying to make up for what was lost. And he acknowledges as much throughout the course of the discussion too. He has no problem saying that he worked for 20 + years but can’t remember much beyond his call sheets. So in finally, successfully, kicking it, and then finding himself at the top of his game, financially and artistically, can’t it simply be his giddy exuberance? A celebration that he actually survived?

Instead of the more sinister option, this is the one I want to hold on to. Besides, he’s incredibly endearing. Even more so when he expresses interest and KNOWLEDGE about other people’s careers. When he asks Mickey about 9 ½ weeks and working with DeNiro and Brad Pitt about his relationship with David Fincher, here’s a guy who truly loves movies and moviemaking and takes the time to admire another artists’ work. They all say they do but do they really? Not many.

First clip is below, then keep it rolling.

Or click here for the article and separate videos.

Attached – RDJ in New York yesterday on set of Sherlock Holmes after finding out about his nomination.

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