Can you stop looking at Angelina Jolie? I can’t stop looking at Angelina Jolie. And about the dress… do I love the dress? Well..the dress is ok. But the dress on HER is something else. And that’s the thing about Angie, I suppose. She’ll never be a conventional clothes horse because you’ll never really look at the clothes when she’s in them anway, you know what I mean? As for the clutch – as expected, she hung off of him all night, close embraces along the carpet, shoulder to shoulder during dinner, and the most intimate caress at the very end of the show after the Babel win, her hand on the back of his neck… did you catch that? Tender and sexy at the same time – a cleverly timed glimpse into their private hotness but still, when it looks that good, who cares if they’re campaigning? As for why she blew off Ryan Seacrest, as I understand it, she wanted to hang back and give Brad the spotlight but when faced with a series of inane questions, she apparently cut Ryan off and walked away. Rude? Yes. Funny? Yes too. Warranted? You tell me…I don’t care either way but E! has supposedly been badmouthing her for weeks, something about not being a good mother and taking sides with Madonna – word is the Pitts are not fans, especially since (I think) it was E! reporters who were caught trespassing on Pitt property last year after which he threatened to press charges. Needless to say some bad blood still lingers, could be an explanation for the attitude…or not. And to tell you the truth, I much prefer to see her as the hardass bitch who didn’t feel like giving Ryan Seacrest the time of day. Who wants a warm and fuzzy Jolie anyway? Source