Arguments for:

  • He’s Brad Pitt. He’s always in contention
  • He is a two time holder of the SMA title. No man has ever been awarded 3 times. If there’s to be a first, he would be it
  • The year of the Holy Twins and People scored the official photos. There could also be a deal in the works, especially since Team Pitt will be pushing for an Oscar run
  • Benjamin Button has the early Oscar lead
  • Has been active socially with Make It Right and his stance against Prop 8
  • The intoxicating appeal of the current iteration of Brad Pitt as a doting father and family man
  • Oprah asked him back

Arguments against:

  • Has enough time passed? Angelina Jolie is a polarising figure. And curiously enough, he and Jennifer Aniston go head to head on Christmas day as Marley & Me will be released along with Benjamin Button
  • 3 times is overkill, non?
  • He looks tired
  • Brange fatigue

ODDS: 5 to 1