Brad Pitt intimated to PEOPLE last night at the New York premiere of Killing Them Softly that he would be marrying Angelina Jolie imminently:

"I am getting more pressure from my kids, and it is something I want to do within their lifetime, but I also feel like the time has come. The time is nigh. It's soon. I got a good feeling about it."

Then he told Extra that they haven’t set a date:

So now we’re all talking about it and his movie opens on Friday.

I would rather some Pitt Porn than wedding talk but the Jolie decided not to join him on this trip. She wasn’t with him in Cannes when the film screened there either. But she did host an event in support of Ewan McGregor last week - click here for a refresher. This, then, would be a really good time for the tabloids, Star in particular, so that Radar can go full bullsh-t on the situation, to make up a story about how Angie’s f-cking Ewan and Brad’s calling up Jen to ask her what he should do. Happy Holidays!

Here’s a better theory: maybe it’s a game of gossip chess and they’re waiting for Aniston/Theroux to move first. Before long it’ll be a celebrity wedding pissing contest.

Until then, I’m directing my excitement at this shot of Brad last night with Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnsons... My Obsession! Their friendship goes back a few years. Brad produced Kick-Ass. He’s collaborated with Sam on several portraits. They’re all of the “artistic” sensibility. And I am desperate to know what that conversation might sound like, Brad and Aaron. And what would that look like, a double featuring the Brange and the Taylor-Johnsons? Do Angie and Aaron just ...stare at each other the whole time? Am also attaching shots of Brad with the T-Js back in 2010.

As for Killing Them Softly, I saw it in Cannes first thing in the morning after what was essentially an all-nighter. So we were expecting to fall asleep and didn’t. The film is a LOT better than his Chanel ad. And though it’s a little too obvious in parts (the tv screens in particular, you’ll see when you see it), it’s yet another strong showcase for Brad Pitt’s generosity as an actor. Some actors eat up the air with their talent and there’s no room for anyone else. More and more, Brad is making the people around him better. There’s a scene between him and James Gandolfini and the key here is in his restraint while he lets Galdolfini loose with it. Very powerful. The film is powerful throughout. My favourite - the underrated Ben Mendelsohn who, it looks like, will be in everything with everyone very soon, including Ryan Gosling who’s directing him in that fairy tale he wrote. Mendelsohn is married to Emma Forrest so, obviously, along with all that talent, he also has amazing taste in women.