If for some reason the Goddess decided my time was up tomorrow, I would desperately, desperately want to come back as Maddox Jolie-Pitt. That kid has, like, the best life ever. Here are 5 reasons why I worship at the altar of Maddox J0lie-Pitt: - Madd never has to walk. When he"s not on a plane, he"s in a car, when he"s not in a car, he"s being carried, when he"s not being carried, he"s riding a bike, when he"s not riding a bike, he"s driving an ATV. Forget Queen Elizabeth. Maddox is THE definition of true monarchy. - Madd is the only male on this planet who will own Angelina"s heart for all the days of her life. For that reason alone, the kid deserves his own personal galaxy. - Madd has acquired more stamps in his passport during his young life than any of us ever will in a lifetime. Maddox is THE world traveller. And if you believe that travel equals knowledge, he really will be the brightest kid at Hollywood High. - Madd is a syle icon. He singleheadedly defined baby follicle fashion. The Maddhawk. Madd is also a fashion frontiersman. The eyeliner. The ankle and wrist accessories. The space boots. Who else could have pulled off those looks? Who else but Madd??? And finally…the last, best reason… - Madd is the Son of Brad. The world"s most sought after father wanted to be HIS father. And while Brad Pitt was famously quoted as wanting a little girl because little girls "crush" him, it"s his relationship with his son that I find the most endearing. Check out these new pics of the two free wheelin" at the beach during the much talked about Rossdale visit. And then look through some classics. That one where bratty Madd"s looking up at Brad, clearly negotiating some sort of deal, kills me every time. Don"t try to tell me you don"t find this adorable. Even the most hardcore rabid Aniston fans secretly find this adorable. And my frozen, double locked, "never to be entered" womb definitely finds this adorable. Goddess bless Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt! Maddox fuh-evah! Beach photos via JustJared