Bits and pieces of Angelina Jolie"s interview with Ann Curry for Dateline have been released to the public and the most interesting part of all this is that when asked about her relationship, Mrs Pitt actually GIGGLES. Yes, gossips. Only a dose of the Brad could inspire such girly girly reactions from the most whip snappy, leather happy, sex goddess on the planet. Longtime readers of this column will recall that I dabbled in Brad/Angie Erotica for a short time last year, on the heels of their Zahara adoption and international love affair. If you"re interested in a little Harlequin horniness to brighten up your morning, check out the first installment on July 18th, followed by 3 more on July 21st, July 24th, July 28th, and climaxing on August 1st. However, in the spirit of this newfound Pitt African bliss, I"m inspired to venture back into fictional territory, this time on a more lullaby level. After all, when you involve children and animals and the desert, going full tilt porn doesn"t seem quite right.