There is no trial separation. Things are fine, for now. So rest easy you “Brangelina” fans out there - despite what you’ve heard from an Australian lower tier tabloid, the Pitts are still very much together, tending to their growing brood. The split reports originated when details of Brad’s trip to New Orleans were announced with no mention of Angelina Jolie. Naturally, a few overzealous gossips interpreted Angie’s absence to problems in the relationship, erroneously speculating that the world’s most notorious maneater has grown tired of her most recent conquest. Fortunately – or unfortunately, depending on which way you look at it – Angie’s made no such judgement. In fact, even though she did not accompany him on this recent humanitarian gig, I’m told that she considered it part of their ongoing collective efforts, that they intend to be regarded as a “team” going forward, professionally, personally, and philanthropically. So here’s Brad, arriving back in LA, readying for a reunion with his family, looking increasingly haggard and old. Which means his days on the Freebie 5 numbered. Yes, gossips. Brad is being replaced. But more on that later. Photo source