First photo of Angelina as Mariane Pearl. As you know, as you cannot help but have seen, the Pitts have taken over Pune, India causing a much publicised clusterf&ck on Sunday during a motorised rickshaw ride through the city with Badass Madd that saw the pappies go bananas and the "Brangelina" addicts go ooey gooey mental. Why? Because, like, omigosh…He"s.TOUCHING.Her.Leg!!! And yet... who am I to mock? Truth be told, I t00 love the casual display of affection. The way his hand appears to be lazily owning the sexiest woman alive - a subtle but loud "oh really???" to those who"ve labelled him p*ssywhipped, which still may be the case but if a p&ssywhipping can result in Oscar buzz in front and behind the camera and the appearance of devotion from she who could not be tamed… does it really qualify as a p&ssywhipping or a p*ssyplundering? You tell me. Next - what of those photos promised from last week? On the weekend beginning September 30, entertainment outlets were told by certain photo agencies that they would have the first Pitt India pictures by the following Monday, anticipating an imminent Pitt arrival and pre-negotiating photo fees. However, as we all know, the Family is elusive when they want to be and so their itinerary was obviously not as predictable as the pappies would have liked - yet another example of Brad"s masterful control over what is reliable and not when it comes to details of their lives. Which means that those reports of him forcing her to have a biological boy are absolute nonsense. However, the new rumour flying around - that he"s eager to continue playing proud papa - is likely 100% sanctioned smut. Apparently Brad finished shooting Oceans while Angie was prepping for A Mighty Heart. And so during their last two weeks in LA, he was domestic daddy while mamma was hard at work, hands on with all three, including the irascible Maddox who has been hankering for a spin on Brad"s bike, allegedly successfully earned according to an unconfirmed sighting of a night ride around town. And then there"s word of Brad"s almost obsessive preparation for acceptable family accommodations close to the set in India (in addition to their lodgings at Le Meridian), every detail personally attended to with military precision so that for the duration of the shoot, the children will be close to Angelina on those long 14+ hour days, with Brad expected to take prime parenting duties in addition to overseeing production - in other words, nothing but positivity surrounding the Pitts as the campaigning begins to secure him a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Babel… well deserved by all accounts. Like I said a few weeks ago, the Pitts are testing the waters for an official red carpet debut this awards season and given that his star has been fully restored post-divorce, a Jolie-Pitt arrival at any of the upcoming events would mean ratings gold for everyone involved. Zen Master of all media? Indeed, indeed.