What do Brad"s and Angie"s respective friends think about the relationship? Dear Faye, Angelina doesn’t seem to have any conventional friends so the answer on her end, at least, would be "not applicable." Unlike her predecessor, Ms. Jolie has never toted around a crew of lunching ladies who share trainers and tanning beds. Conversely, regular women like you and me probably wouldn"t want to hang out much with her either. I mean, would you want to bring her home to the husband??? I think not. As for Brad"s friends - it depends. Friends who were HIS friends are all fine with it. It"s Brad. He calls the shots, he does what he wants, it"s always been like that. Obviously, Jen kept her own crowd in the split. But the mutual friends, like Catherine Keener who was close to both of them, are playing neutral. It"s also important to remember that most of Jen"s friends are minor Hollywood players, much less famous and less rich than she is, and much more eager to open their bitchy little traps to whoever comes knocking. Brad"s friends however are all movers and shakers who can get things done. George, Rande, Brad Grey at Paramount - they all carry a certain amount of clout and therefore are less inclined to publicly defend their man like the cooped up pen of hens that surround Mr Pitt"s blubbering ex wife. Which is why you simply don"t hear much from Brad"s circle. As far as I know however, they could care less who he"s with. It"s all good...Just as long as he"s happy and he"s able to kick in a million dollar investment for some project now again, they have nothing to complain about.