The Fraud has a great body. Especially when she eats. And now that she says she’s in a better place, she’s decided to fill out a little - slightly more voluptuous and she looks great. Really, really great.

The Fraud also has great nipples. And we were treated to them for 10 years during the interminable run of Friends. Every episode, there’s Rachel, standing at attention, the 7th and 8th roommates on television’s most beloved sitcom.

Now the show might be over but her nipples haven’t lost a step. And they came along for a meeting she had at CAA where she went, presumably, to talk about her comatose career. Hasn’t worked in an eternity, can’t carry a movie on the strength of her own name, will always be known as the TV Girl Who Married Brad Pitt.

But at least she’s not crying anymore, right?

And after months of keeping a very low profile – very smart – Jen is emerging conveniently when the Pitts are on the defensive. Also very smart. And in light of all the positive “she’s moving to NYC!” stories recently printed about her in Us Weekly, bet your boob job Stephen Huvane has made up with Janice Min curiously timed around the magazine’s recent attack on Angelina Jolie….

Coincidence or conspiracy?

See? This sh-t moves like clockwork so don’t tell me it’s not a game. And yes, Jennifer Aniston, along with the other two, is most definitely a prime time player.