My favourite.

Brad and Angie and their 2 middle children at Paramount Studios on Sunday. Not sure whether they’re dropping off or picking up, but there’s a good shot of Little Pax and of course Baby Z clinging to Daddy. Parents aren’t supposed to play preferences but gossips can, right? Zahara is my pet. Love her. Also love the body language: Angelina pawing her man, Brad smiling smugly that the sexiest woman alive is pawing him…conveniently caught on camera of course just as every headline is pronouncing the death of their relationship and calling her a bad mother for hating the Chosen One.

But as I mentioned yesterday, tales of Angelina loving her children don’t sell out at the newsstands. If you care though, have heard from 3 separate sources that the Pitts couldn’t be lovelier to their own children and to others at daycare – extremely appreciative of the staff, warm to other parents, on one occasion Angelina apparently brought along a bag full of extra fruit and snacks for the entire group, with one observer actually going so far as to say they are trying to “blend in like ordinary people”.

Of course the MiniVan Majority’s theory that Jolie abuses the Chosen One is way more fun to believe, non?