Interesting the contrast, don’t you think? On the one hand, the smiling Scientologists grinning away, a thousand celebrities in tow, happy to primp for the cameras, on the other, the Pitts in India causing a stink, or at least their overzealous security team. Just a few weeks ago, one manhandler put a photographer in a chokehold, yesterday they created controversy at a local school, apparently blocking parents from entering the facility to pick up their children, and reportedly even knocking down a student as well. Needless to say, many parents were furious, lodging complaints with police and speaking to the press about their frustration. For their part, the Pitts’ production company says that pappies were trying to get onto the set and in the melee, regular civilians were confused with journalists which resulted in some ruckus and even some racism? One of the guards was overheard allegedly referring to the crowd as “Bloody Indians” – not a very Jolie sentiment is it? So Angie was apparently trapped inside the school as her people sorted it out outside and now the rumours are flying that she is livid about the incident, about the suggestion that her presence harms instead of helps, furious that her life and that of her family is now characterized by excessive security which only cues another “Break Up” story in Life & Style which, naturally, would be full of sh-t. Anyway, was announced today that 2 security personnel have been detained by authorities – probably not the kind publicity the Pitts have been courting lately but still I’m sure everything will come up roses when they make a donation to the school or something equally philanthropic. After all, who better than Brad to spin this back in his favour? Oh sh-t. Did I just piss off the psycho Brangelina fans …again? Finally – fresh reports from New Orleans, roads have been blocked, major security is in place, filming is starting for the Curious Case of Benjamin Button starring Brad Pitt. Everyone in the Big Easy has been on the lookout, no sightings yet but judging from the dramatic lockdown, it sounds like he’s close. However, here’s an EXCLUSIVE tip from my girls L & L & R – Brad normally stays at the W when he’s in NO but this time, he has not made reservations – word is he and Angelina have bought a house in the Garden District and the family will be residing there during the shoot. Will keep you posted on more.