Warning, gloating, STOP READING NOW if it doesn’t please you. Christmas Day, new photos of the Parents Pitt in Costa Rica gifting the privilege of their presence to Columbian refugees, drawing attention to the “the greatest humanitarian tragedy in the Western Hemisphere”. Costa Rica. Sound familiar? I’ll keep it to a minimum but as I reported exclusively way back on November 6th, the Pitts were looking into spending the holiday season in the tropics and in addition to saving the world for several hours, inquired into the availability of a few days’ stay at a luxury resort. As of press time, they are expected to be on philanthropic vacation until after the new year and I hear that right now they do plan on attending the Golden Globes together. Word is event organizers and network producers have been trying to make it as enticing as possible, knowing that their presence and a possible Pitt acceptance speech could generate massive ratings. You remember what he said when he won for 12 Monkeys ten years ago, don’t you? On stage, with my Gwyneth watching, he thanked “his Angel, the Love of My Life.” So if they call his name and gets up there and he does the same thing, except EVEN MORE, for Angelina Jolie? Don’t lie. Any gossip lover, even if you’re not a lunatic “Brangelina” fan…you too will lose your sh-t. Source