Last night at the premiere of God Grew Tired of Us – darling at Sundance and critically acclaimed film about three Sudanese men who find success after struggle and leave home for America without abandoning those they left behind. Brad is an executive producer of the project, hence the heavy sales pitch last night with his beguiling companion…and did they ever work it hardcore. Touching, embracing, big smiles, intriguing whispers, the sexiest body language, the most subtle body language too – I’m particularly fond of the one where the indomitable Angie hangs back with an indulgent smile, the all perfect political wife as Brad is first to greet an unseen colleague. And that’s the thing about the Pitts, isn’t it? You know you’re being played, you know they own the campaign, but when it’s mastered this beautifully, when it looks THIS good…who f*cking cares??? As for Brad – certainly a lot better than the day before. Perhaps a wee more rested, I’d like to believe they had hot, urgent sex, resulting in his improved, sated glow - definitely less sickly consumptive compared to his withered appearance at the Palm Springs Film Festival on Saturday night. Angie on the other hand, gorgeous without equal, of course, but the clothes suck total ass. Or not. I’ve thought a lot about this you see and I wonder…would a killer wardrobe go to waste on Angelina Jolie? Would it clash with her Goddess? Her face distracting from the fashion, the faction distracting from the face, the overload of beauty cancelling each other out? Or …. Does she just have sh-tty style? Oh wait…better yet… Is Angelina Jolie Earth Mother “beyond” caring about clothes??? Hmmm…tough choice. I"ll go with Door #1 - don"t feel like dealing with lunatic "Brangelina"s" today. And finally…about that blind item. It appeared in one of the NY papers yesterday, I believe Page Six, many, many, many of you wrote to ask if the following relates to Angelina Jolie: Which Tinseltown sex siren with a humanitarian streak has resumed her old habit of dabbling with heroin? She paid a recent visit to an old rock star friend and joined him in narcotic stupor. And while I can understand the immediate inclination to point towards Angie, the “rock star friend” should be the big giveaway… Pam Anderson Rumour has it, bitch has been partying HARD. Source and Source