Never scorn a tabloid editor. Looks like Janice Min still won’t forgive Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for favouring People Magazine…and so two weeks after labelling Angie twisted and emotionally unstable, on the verge of leaving the Chosen One in favour of the other ones, Us Weekly is on Pitt Attack yet again, this time reporting that Angelina, while in NYC last weekend promoting her documentary, was flirting hardcore with that manwhore Olivier Martinez, suggestively dancing in front of him, possibly rubbing herself up on his lap, and treating him to some hardcore eye-f*ckage….in front of a room full of people, conveniently just as Angelina is ramping up publicity for A Mighty Heart in Cannes and as rumours of yet another People exclusive are beginning to swirl for a release around Shiloh’s birthday, supposedly still being negotiated – will keep you posted.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

And while Us is quick to point out also that Angelina “when she is with someone she knows, she might appear to be flirtatious, but it’s just affection”, needless to say, the allegation is loud and clear: Brad Pitt is left alone, Brad Pitt is left to scramble with the children and an unpredictable partner, and worse yet…

Brad Pitt cuckolded?

Brad Pitt, once the hero of the MiniVan Majority, snatched away by the evil beauty, now suffering under her spell…Poor Brad Pitt?

The most irresistible smut, isn’t it? Which is why Us Weekly really is the best in the business. And Janice Min is the baddest bitch ever.

Anyway, here are a few photos of Brad deplaning in Prague – looks like that is Pax in his arms. They are shooting her next film there, will be a hectic travel sched for the family over the next few weeks as both are scheduled to be in Cannes for the festival and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button will move production to Montreal on May 22nd for two weeks, though right now it’s not known if Brad is required on set. All outside locations though so if you’re in the neighbourhood, head to Old Montreal, you just might see him!

Thanks to Raqchel for the pics!