Still the most beautiful woman in the world when she’s not at her best, but I think we can all agree, this is not Jolie’s best…though there really is no other side profile like her side profile, non?

Angie at the launch of Global Action for Children yesterday – undeniably painfully thin, especially her legs and her arms. However, contrary to tabloid reports, she is not dying of some disease. Of course, obviously, she’s not eating all that much and I’m told it is something she’s working on but by no means is she about to collapse any time soon either. And no, she’s not about to leave him and abandon the Chosen One.

Have been in touch with several entertainment journalists about this and sources in contact with the Family Pitt – they are extremely happy. They are in love. They have a solid family. She is tired though. She runs after 4 children. And she doesn’t sleep much, nor is she as “tough” about criticism and rumour mongering as she claims – they do get to her…so yes, the bashing she’s taking in the rags is bringing her down, only Angelina Jolie doesn’t cope by shouting at the ocean and crying through yoga poses. And given that she plays the media as well as she gets slapped back from it, with the photos and the conveniently captured outings for ice cream with the kids, moaning about the situation with some hag on the cover of Vanity Fair is likely NOT going to be how she retaliates.

However, the reason why you don’t get to read about how content Brad Pitt is with the mother of his children is because that is boring. And the Pitts are major supermarket moneymakers but only when there’s drama and/or a biological child blessed with the genes of two of Hollywood’s most gorgeous stars. So no matter how much assurance there is from insiders who actually come in contact with them – that Brad and Angelina are fine and not breaking up and solid as a couple – what’s the use printing another non story?

Brangelunatics rest easy: I’m telling you, they are tight, though I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Gossip Buffet – you choose.