The Family Pitt: an update

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 29, 2006 12:00:00 May 29, 2006 12:00:00
As expected, the Pitts made the official announcement on Saturday through People, yet another sign that the magazine is the leading candidate to win the baby photo sweepstakes (for more details on their campaign, click here Shiloh Nouvel. Shiloh meaning the gift, the peaceful one, the messiah. Nouvel, quite obviously, meaning new in French - perhaps a throw to Jolie"s French mother? So in other words, a new gift, a new peaceful one, a new messiah. Lovely, yes. And I don"t mean to be a picky bitch and maybe it"s just me, maybe my university degree in French is terribly outdated, but ummm… isn"t nouvel only used to precede a masculine noun beginning with a vowel? And isn"t Nouvelle the more correct feminine adjective to describe a feminine name? And the last time I checked, didn"t the Pitts have a girl??? So…shouldn"t it be Shiloh Nouvelle? I know it"s not a big deal, just semantics I suppose, but given the sometimes cruel social stigma associated with sexual androgyny, why would you want to put such a Cameron Diaz question mark over your child"s head from the very beginning? Sorry "Brangelina" fans but if we"re going to get all mental about what Suri really means, we might as well extend the same microscopic courtesy to the new African princess. And if you"re going to borrow from another language to christen your child, is it too much to ask to make sure the grammar is correct? Now I love Brad and Angie as much as the next Pitt worshipper but seriously, I don"t care how compelling or powerful they are… that"s just plain lazy, period. UPDATE: thanks to the lovely Charlene who emailed saying that Nouvel was inspired by Brad"s favourite architect Jean Nouvel. Who is a MAN. Alright. You want birth details? It was apparently a c-section, something I"m told Angelina was initially opposed to. Longtime readers of my column will know that as I reported from the very beginning, there were certain concerns about Angelina"s pregnancy that were primarily dealt with during the first trimester. They did know early on that a c-section might be necessary but my sources tell me that Angie had her heart set on natural childbirth. Something about "doing it the way they do it in the motherland" - and no, I"m not sh*tting you. She also - at the time - didn"t want to be part of the "too posh to push" club although the fact that she"s taken over an African resort not to mention controlling Namibia"s immigration and visitation policies seems to indicate a slight change in her former "no frills" approach. But I digress. Over the last few months, Brad and her physicians convinced her to go c-section and since they were able to time the procedure with her brother"s visit this week, the operation was scheduled accordingly, and as you all know now, everything was totally smooth. At least inside the surgery. Because although they are civil to each other and James does admire how good Brad is with the kids, his friends are saying that he is supposedly not convinced that this is the right guy for his sister. And given their alarming past, that statement is much more disturbing than it should be. Blech. Word is, the brother thinks the sister has changed. Don"t get me wrong - she"s always been luxe…but it"s always been an undercover kind of a high life and not the overt, almost ostentatious approach of late - an approach that has Brad"s signature bold Hollywood font all over it. Not a huge problem, certainly not big enough to put a damper on the celebrations, and irrelevant for the time being - because she"s happy and because she is still having her way in this relationship - but a small seed nonetheless. Stay tuned. And one more thing - did you know that a special edition DVD of Mr & Mrs Smith, with new uncut footage (can"t wait!) from the knock down and dirty sex scene, comes out next week? And that Brad apparently stands to profit large from how this particular release performs? Just asking…

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