It just doesn’t stop, does it? First the weekend parenting hotness, now another side of the Pitt – getting his hands dirty alongside other volunteers and workers in Patan Village yesterday, “as part of the Jimmy Carter Project to build 100 homes in a week for the underprivileged section of society.” By the way – you know they’re campaigning hard for a Best Supporting Actor nod, right? You know that the Academy and ABC wouldn’t mind either, if only for Oscar telecast ratings, right? The prospect of Pitt and Jolie on the carpet at the Kodak Theatre – even my mother would tune in. Brad and Angie play the press best, savvy? On the other hand, if everyone’s a famewhore and the field is level anyway, I’d much prefer the kind of media manipulation that benefits others in the process, as opposed to looking highly glossed and crying on Oprah’s couch if only to confirm the integrity of a relationship that was never acknowledged in the first place – who does that help but Jen herself? Unless sniffling on Oprah can feed the children? Source