Of course The Chosen One had to be the rare exception to my Celebrity Baby Theory. Of course, she did. But seriously…who can resist? Check out chubby little Shiloh hanging out with Daddy Brad on the set in New Orleans today, pretty much an exact replica of both her parents’ faces without looking like a weird Conan O’Brien mash-up. As for why the Pitts have been trotting her out so often of late, especially considering she spent almost 5 months undercover, I’m told they wanted to lessen the intense interest in their 3rd child, feeling that if perhaps she’s more accessible, the value of the shots and therefore the nonstop hounding in pursuit of them just might decrease…just a little… especially in advance of the arrival of a 4th child to join the Family Pitt. Vietnam’s International Adoption Agency confirmed today that Angelina Jolie has filed papers to adopt from the country. But you knew that already, didn’t you? (A little gloat ahead, consider yourself warned). Because despite denials issued earlier this year, I was the first to report way back on January 25th that documents were submitted to the US Consulate several weeks ago, and although the “official” word indicates that the filing only occurred this week, my sources insist the adoption has been in the works for months, that all parties involved knew further denials would be futile and chose instead to make the announcement now to avoid any embarrassment down the road. As for why the child is to be adopted under her name only, reports indicate that Vietnamese adoption regulations specify that adoption can only be granted to single parents or married couples. Since Brad and Angelina have yet to marry and since she has already been through the process with Maddox and Zahara respectively, it was a no brainer to do the same this time. Still trying to confirm when the child will official join his/her new family (most believe it’s a boy by choice to relate to Maddox but if proper Vietnamese adoption procedures were followed, the choice of sex would not have been up to them – a procedure put in place to prevent baby “shopping” with all children matched at the federal agency in Vietnam which is actually linked to the country’s department of justice, thank you GC!) but I’m hearing still a while yet, earliest April…IF proper protocol is observed. Will keep you posted. As for rumours that Angelina moved on this without Brad’s blessing – total rubbish. She hasn’t had an agent for an eternity, she’s been keeping work super super light committing to the bare minimum, if anything, and settling in NOLA has provided the stability they need for at least a year. What is bothering them these days is the difference in media treatment between Maddox and Zahara and The Chosen One. Sources tell me exclusively that both Angie and Brad were overheard recently expressing disdain for media outlets describing her first 2 children as “adopted”, taking issue with the adjective that always accompanies their description: “my kids are my kids, period. So when they always have to include the word “adopted” when they’re talking about Madd and Z is cruel. One day they might read that and it’s hurtful.” And then they supposedly went on to laugh off the widespread hysteria that resulted from her calling Shiloh a “blob” – something about a shared moment with Gwen Stefani that resulted in accusations of favourtism, although the point at the very end was this (paraphrasing): that if she had admitted to having stronger feelings for a biological child, just because it came out of her and was white and not black or yellow that the MiniVan Majority would not have objected so vehemently. Your thoughts? Source