Good times, good times. I loved that movie. Brad Pitt’s abs, Gina going postal and robbing that convenience store, Susan’s breakdown when she finally reveals her traumatic past, their mature-woman bodies jammed into too tight jeans and sun-fried beyond recognition – it was kick ass estrogen at its most fantastical. And the fact that these two broads are still holding up over 15 years later is a testament to true beauty. Ms Sarandon has always been one of my favourites and even my husband – known for his pervy Playboy tastes – wants to take a stab at those breasts. In fact, he’d take more than just a stab. But that conversation is neither here nor there. Suffice to say, Thelma and Louise are growing up with taste. Which is much, much more than I can say for Melanie Griffith who is quite possibly the only person alive that can make Teri Hatcher look fresh.