A groom with a rumoured roving eye and perhaps an requited heart? Well... disrespecting your elders is one thing but disrespecting your vows may be another entirely. It"s that age old debate, you know? What is emotional cheating anyway? Is it considered emotional cheating when you can"t throw away the bed you used to share with the love of your life - the one you DIDN"T marry? Is it emotional cheating when you keep a custom made 4 poster extra King locked in storage and cannot bear to give it away? Is it emotional cheating to hang on such things but sleep next to another? Is it emotional cheating to go on a rip roaring rage upon discovering that the ex has moved on? With marriage prospects of her own? To fall into a funk, despite the carefully choreographed photo opps of the warring women in your life? Just asking... And it"s NOT Brad Pitt.