Pages of the new Hello Magazine – the entire family photographed in Cambodia and The Chosen One prominently on display. Look. At. This. Child. 

Actually…let me clarify: the close up is gorgeous. In the family shot, she looks kinda fake. Totally beautiful…but fake. Another thing while I’m at it – you know those composite images? When you stick two people together and meld their features and you come up with what their kids would look like? She looks exactly like a composite. An exact 50 + 50 combination…is it just me? It’s probably just me. Because really…who can resist the Family Pitt? So conveniently timed, of course. And totally, totally a part of their ongoing masterful manipulation… but if you compare their game to Tom Cruise’s – doesn’t this trump three minute kisses and open weddings in castles? Brad playing doting dad without putting a death grip lock on his wife’s hand, Brad with Maddox on his shoulders, Brad’s relaxed body language around his children… like I said last week, some sales you just buy wholeheartedly, sometimes you’re just willing to be fleeced, and right now, when it comes to the Pitts, I’ll blindly believe for now. Thanks to Chris for the scans!