At least according to the mayor of Bracciano who spoke to journalists today confirming the location of the wedding (that castle), that she met with the couple earlier this week, that they are expected to arrive at the venue on Saturday morning and return to Rome the same day, and that she believes the ceremony will be scientological – not recognized in Italy so it would have to be “preceded or followed by a civil union” to make it legit. Meanwhile, People Magazine has been practically live blogging the event – with a gloriously positive spin, of course – raising speculation that they’ve secured the exclusive rights to the photos, if indeed any photos are up for grabs. At press time, no one knows for sure what the GMD will do – whether or not he’ll sell the pics a la Douglas/Zeta or whether or not he’ll just release an official photo to everyone and cut it off from there. And while you may be sick of the situation and the endless coverage it has been receiving, I can assure you, the appetite for all things Cruise is only growing more ravenous. He is owning the gossip landscape right now, hands down. Interesting little rumour that just arrived in my inbox from a random, totally anonymous, obviously planted “source” trying to convince me that Katie isn’t lobotomized, that she is actually surprisingly very assertive, and that this is what she wanted. She wanted her “dream wedding”, she wanted to feel like a princess marrying her prince, that Tom is simply fulfilling her desires and that, of course, the two are madly in love. Ahem. Clearly this “insider” has never read my column because I don’t care how much money she spends on lingerie, I highly doubt “desire fulfillment”, on the physical front anyway, is something Katie is familiar with. I do have a question though: do you think Scientology can “cure” smoking, like, immediately? This is a photo of Katie in February 2005 – literally just before her broken engagement to Chris Klein. Since then, to my knowledge anyway, she has not been seen with a ciggie, even though she was supposedly quite the fiend before. If so, maybe I should go Thetan for a while? Get rid of my sickness once and for all? Maybe Brad Pitt should too? Just asking… Oh and here’s a photo of JLo and Marc out for dinner with Little Sci et al tonight, overlooked amid the baby frenzy. She looks frickin’ stunning. And that dress – remind you of Oscar 2006? That mint green creation…only shorter and better? Source